Practical Personal Protection

Intrepid Self-Defense Systems was created in an effort to take an effective system of self-defense, and offer it in our communities as well as online so people can start training groups in their own area. The goal is to promote increased public awareness of the best in defensive tactics for personal protection.

Our system is unique and our instructional programs are personalized. This means your investment pays off quickly and, in a shorter period of time. Instead of years, it may only take months to gain basic proficiency in our proven method!

The Intrepid Self-Defense System approach is simple, effective and straight forward. We do not waste time teaching you skill sets that take years to master. Of course, becoming proficient takes practice. If you really want to be able to rely on your training, regular practice is recommended in any style or system. What we do is give you tools that you can use right away. Then, we continue providing you with more awesome materials to keep your training progressive!

Although what we give you are simple effective drills that follow a solid system of progression, our method of teaching is personalized. Each individual program (single person or group) is tailored to meet specific needs to a certain degree. We all follow the same basic blueprint, but it is adaptable to fit the individual.

Each student is encouraged to closely examine, carefully contemplate and do their best to learn from all things in life. If we strive to maintain a state of living calm with mindful awareness, this alone is a huge benefit for our personal safety. It makes life more fun and reduces stress, too.

Since there are so many options for learning self-defense today, what makes us different? First of all, our curriculum can be used by corporations, small executive training groups, local clubs… or even one person in their home who is serious enough to apply the program we offer online. There are no belts or forms. There are however, levels of progression with certification you may earn for each of them.

Our unique online self-defense training program will allow only a limited number of memberships to be active during any period of time. This approach will help us to continually be able to offer quality instruction, not a cookie cutter program being thoughtlessly churned out to thousands of people.

Each level of progression contains study guides with both written and video reference material, plus additional points to help assist each student as they grow.

All phases of self-defense and personal protection are covered ranging from making sure your home is safe and secure, to your basic one-on-one altercation or even a situation where you are forced to defend your family. The range of application using our methods includes civilian, public and private security, as well as law enforcement and military personnel.

Join us today as we explore the best in personal protection and defensive tactics.