Steve Miller
Chief Instructor

Beginning his martial arts training at the age of 9 years old, Steve Miller enjoys the lifetime journey of learning, as well as the privilege of teaching practical personal protection and defensive tactics in a specialized format. 

A continuing student and a certified instructor, Miller is an experienced mentor and guide that can help you reach your self-defense goals quickly, safely and effectively. 

“A highly qualified teacher on a multitude of levels, he is ‘down to earth’ in his approach to teaching, which is relaxed and natural, with an open attitude towards training. Steve can take the complex and mystical ways of the East and distill them into something scientific and more easily digestible for those with a western mindset.”

Steve Miller is a recognized instructor in Kajukenbo, Hoshinjutsu, and Kosho Shorei Kempo. He has also trained extensively in several other styles and systems along the way, and believes a person should always continue to expand, learn and grow while remaining humble.

At Intrepid Self-Defense Systems we are committed to:
  • Enhancing our community and its citizens through the positive personal development skills of our training methods.
  • Providing an atmosphere of positive energy and support for our students continued mental and physical growth.  
  • Providing inspiration toward personal excellence through our example as students both in the martial arts school, and especially our daily lives.
  • Ensuring the solid long term growth of both the school and its staff by consistently providing legendary service to our students and the community.
“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another…” (Prov. 27:17)